If you would like to purchase a catalogue please make a check payable to Jenkins Johnson Gallery and note the title requested. Upon receiving your payment we will mail the catalogue. Thank you.

William Wylie: Carrara.

University of Chicago Press, 2009.
With an Essay by Eric Scigliano. 84 pages, 19 color plates, 32 halftones.
William Wylie: Stillwater.

Nazraeli Press, 2002.
Foreword by Merrill Gilfihlan, afterword by Wendell Berry. 48 pages, 25 halftone plates.
Printed in a first edition of 500 copies, each with an original silver gelatin print on the cover.
William Wylie: Riverwalk.

University Press of Colorado, 2001.
Foreword by Merrill Gilfihlan. 51 pages, 49 halftones.
JeongMee Yoon: The Pink and Blue Project.

Geonhi, Seoul, 2007.
Published in conjunction with Yoon's Fifth Daum Award winning.
Julia Fullerton-Batten: Teenage Stories

Actes Sud: Fondation HSBC pour la Photographie, 2007. $100
The book features several photographs from her School Play and Teenage Stories series.
Ben Arosnon: The Figure in Context, 2008. $25
Beyond Representation, 2008
Essay by John O'Hern. $40
Rene Lynch: Secrets, 2008. $20
Anniversary Exhibition, 2007. $25
JeongMee Yoon: The Pink & Blue Project, 2007. $40
Z.Z. Wei: Majestic Journey, 2007. $10
Lynn Goldsmith: Rock and Roll, 2007
Autographed by artist. $60
Nancy Switzer: Stacks and Layers, 2007. $25

Representation 2007. $40

Ben Aronson: Explorations, 2007. $20
Sherrie Wolf: Virtue, Vice & Grandeur, 2007
Essay by Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson. $25
Gerald Forster: LightYears project, 2006
Essay by Bruce Hackney. $20
Sonya Sklaroff: New York, New York, 2006
Essay by Diane R. Karp. $25
Eighth Annual Realism Invitational, 2006
Essay by Peter Frank. $40
Scherer & Ouporov: Tree of Life, 2006
Essay by John O'Hern. $25
Z. Z. Wei: Timeless, Light and Shadow, 2006
Essay by Heather Huber & Jessica Weiss. $25
Sherrie Wolf: Majestic Still Lifes, 2005
Essay by Sherrie Wolf. $25
Seventh Annual Realism Invitational, 2005
Essay by D. Dominick Lombardi. $40
Ben Aronson, 2004
Essay by Gerald Nordland. $25
Scott Fraser: Still Lifes with Magic & Mystery, 2004
Essay by William Napier. $25
Sixth Annual Realism Invitational, 2004
Essay by Claire Daigle. $40
Wes Hempel:Revised Endings, 2004
Interview with Wes Hempel. $25
Nancy Switzer: New Work, 2003
Essay by Kyle MacMillan. $20
Fourth Annual Realism Invitational, 2002
Essay by Bob McDonald. $30
Nancy Switzer: Painterly Measures, 2001
Essay by Marilynne S. Mason. $15
Scott Prior/Mallory Lake, 2001. $15
Second Annual Realism Invitational, 2000
Essay by Valerie Gladstone. $20
Allen Cox, 2000
Essay by Garry L. Hagberg. $10
Nancy Switzer: New Works, 2000
Essay by Jane Fudge. $10
Glass & Sculpture Invitational, 2000
Essay by Karen Chambers. $20
First Annual Realism Invitational, 1999
Essay by Peter Frank. $20
Masters of Contemporary Glass, 1999
Essay by William Warmus. $20
Anniversary Exhibition, 1998
Essay by Jeffrey Wechsler. $15
Cicero Painting, 1998
Essay by Gerrit Henry. $15